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Vineyards of the world : Weninger Vineyards

Our Journey

Today on our trip around the world’s vineyards, we come to Austria.  That’s right, Austria.  While some would never think of this lovely country in terms of wine and spirits, they would be missing out on some great premium wines and gorgeous, well-established vineyards like Weninger Vineyards.  This estate has a variety of vineyard locations throughout Austria and utilizes the influence of a wide berth of soil ranges.  While this practice is not new in the winemaking industry, it is certainly useful for this vineyard, as the soil ranges in Austria go from a lime-based type to very stony areas and the resulting grapes are as far apart in taste as beef and yellowfin tuna.

Weninger Vineyards believes in preserving nature's delicate balanceNatural farming practices enrich the process and the wines at Weninger Vineyards

This well-skilled family knows the value of a natural environment and they work hard to make sure their vineyards are as close to their natural state as possible.  This practice means that you can find natural herbs and plants such as nettles within the vineyards, as well as finding plenty of worms and other organics in their soils, which they prize above all else.  According to the owners, their soil is shown awe and pride, because it is where everything begins.

They even have animals running free-range on the properties!  Weninger Vineyards staff state that “Animals show us the clarity of nature” and they’ve taken that to heart, allowing the animals to live in a nature state and providing excellent care for them.  Their belief in providing a natural balance seem to be working because their wines are inspirational!

As for the wines themselves, a listing of the availability of each vintage and location is able to be found HERE and we here at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault hope to add them to our rack in the future, after our opening in early 2017.  Be sure to give their wines a try because with so many options on their menu, it’s impossible to resist!





Dec 29, 2016