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Why should you visit your local taproom today?

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With the season getting hotter, the local brewery taprooms are starting to kick up with a host of events that you won’t want to miss. Old and new craft breweries across the United States are starting to pound out the events, as they know people want something great to do to forget about the heat and have some fun. These events can be pretty awesome and sometimes involve great prizes, gear, and more, which makes us craft beer lovers cheer!

What kind of events can we expect?

Every craft brewery has their own event styles they prefer, however, most also host community events! This can lead to some really helpful events that will give straight back to the community and provide all of us with some outstanding brews to try as well. For example, if a specific charity event is planned and hosted at your local brewery, you might find their taps filled with brews that complement the event itself. See below for a general example of this.

  • Event to raise funds for local animal shelter
    • Blaecorn Unidragon – Clown Shoes Beer
    • Zebra Jon – Clown Shoes Beer
    • The Angel of Mackinac – Clown Shoes Beer
    • Mosaic Promise – Founders Brewing Company
    • Mad Manatee – Bold City Brewery
    • Fat Squirrel Ale – New Glarus Brewing
    • Rocketdog Rye IPA – Laughing Dog Brewing
    • Yellow Snow Ale – Rogue Brewing

The above example is just that, an example. However, it really does showcase how an event can be customized at the tap level. Imagine what could be done for an art program event, or trivia! The possibilities are endless thanks to the amazing number of different craft brews we have on the market today. No matter what event you want to have hosted, there is a great probability that the taproom can source brews to suit your event (or they may have their own that will!).

Events that will likely be popular this season are Animal Shelter fundraisers, Arts program charities, Beach-based events, Yoga events, releases of new craft beers, music events, and more. These, along with Trivia Night, Reading Night, and others have become very popular across the United States.

Why are charity and fundraising events becoming more common?

To be honest, these types of events used to be far more common than they have been in the past decade or so. Communities would come together to raise funds for local school programs, art museums, and more because they understood the need for these things. With the boom of government funding that existed for a time, these events fell off the map for the most part and people forgot that they were necessary. With budget cuts happening every year in the many governmental agencies, it has again become necessary for communities to pull together and ensure that their important programs remain solvent.

Craft breweries have become heavily involved in these efforts. After all, it makes sense to promote the creativity of the local youth if you want creative and skilled people to hire in the decades to come! Reinvesting in their communities allows them to ensure the future generations will have opportunities that may be otherwise lost if left to governmental funding alone. This makes craft breweries a great asset for any community!

Tell us about the events in your area!

We love hearing from our readers and we’d really enjoy hearing about the events that are coming up in your area. Your comment just might be the spark for our next feature post and we’d happily link back to your event page to get the word out. Leave us a comment telling us a bit about the upcoming events, as well as a link to that event.

In the meantime, we’ll be here in South Florida working hard to get ready for our opening later this year. Our location in the Warehouse District of West Palm Beach is due to become quite a busy place in the future and we’re glad to be part of the efforts to improve the community. From all of us at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jun 2, 2017