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Warm up in West Palm Beach

Our Journey

With winter dragging along like a sloth in a lake of molasses, we figure it’s high time everyone takes a break.  What better way to do that than to come to West Palm Beach to shake off the winter chill?  We have a great variety of activities, sights, and entertainment to offer here in South Florida, so come on down!

Crafting success in West Palm BeachWarm up with a delicious craft beer in West Palm Beach

Stop in at West Palm Beach Brewery and check out the outstanding list of craft beer we have available.  Whether you prefer a Hefeweizen, Double IPA, Porter, or Blonde Ale, we have what you want.  We even have guest brews on tap from some of the other amazing breweries throughout the United States!  After all, craft brewing is about supporting the community and we love to support other breweries and give them credit for their accomplishments!

We’ve already seen a great turnout down here, especially since the groundhog has decided we’ll be enduring another six weeks of winter!  We’re still not quite sure what that groundhog was thinking, as the rest of the country seems to be going through a ping-pong winter either way and we’d actually call it another six weeks of bipolarity!

Six more weeks of great craft beer!

The announcement of six more weeks of this confused weather doesn’t really bother us much here in West Palm Beach.  South Florida has already seen its share of bipolar weather and endured the worst it can offer, so we’re ready to have a party!  Come on into the brewery and take a tour.  It’s always fun to learn more about the process that goes into each glass of craft beer, right?  Plus, you’ll have a chance to warm up and then enjoy a flight of great beer after.

Six more weeks of this?  We’re up for it!  We hope you are, too, and we look forward to meeting you!  From all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery, cheers!


Feb 1, 2018