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Why West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault will be a great stop this year!

Our Journey

West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault will be your number one stop this year after our opening in April. We plan to feature a variety of wines in our rack and the brews we offer in our taproom will be outstanding!

West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault needs to be one your list for April!Time well spent learning about others

We’ve spent plenty of time tasting the competition and we really do have to tip our hats to the many breweries out there that are producing some amazing craft beers!  The road to our opening has been interesting and we can’t wait to open our doors to patrons and get involved with our local community.

As you know, we’ve spent quite a bit of time writing features on the many craft beers and wines we’ve tried, as well as featuring many of our competitor’s breweries.  We respect every one of our comrades, as we see this industry as one of friendship, creativity, and of course amazing beer.  The comradery found among the craft brewing community has been uplifting and really has given us the drive to keep pushing forward to our opening.  After all, without a great community, this industry never would have survived for so many centuries!  The mutual love of quality brews holds us all together and keeps us thinking about new ideas to bring forth.

West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault receives their tanks!Our competition gives us a reason to really brainstorm at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault

With great breweries out there like Goose Island, Boulevard Brewing Company, Twisted Trunk Brewing, and many more, it’s hard to NOT sit down and brainstorm during our few moments we get to do so.  The road to opening has been pretty darn busy and we were super excited when our tanks arrived!  However, while that may have had some people sitting back and taking a minute to relax, it simply drove us to push harder, because we want our opening to be a huge hit.  After all, what good is all of this hard work if we don’t plan for a big splash right?  We’re happy to be joining the ranks of over 4,000 breweries in the United States and we hope to provide the same amazing quality that they’ve been popping out for the past few decades.

West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault is working hard to bring you some excitement!West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault plans for an outdoor style!

That’s right folks, we are working towards having an outdoor beer garden and a wine tasting area that reminds you of sitting right in front of a vineyard.  We feel this will provide a relaxing atmosphere that gives our patrons a chance to truly enjoy the wine or craft beer they have chosen.  Also, this is West Palm Beach.  Relaxation is generally the idea for those who come here for a vacation!  Why not provide that exact atmosphere for them and let them enjoy that well-deserved vacation with a glass of delicious quality craft beer or premium wine?

We hope to see all of you at our opening in April.  Until then, please continue to enjoy the blog and read about some of the outstanding craft beer and premium wine from around the United States and the rest of the world as well.  We plan to continue our search for great brews well beyond the opening of our West Palm Beach brewery!



Jan 25, 2017