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West Palm Beach updates!

Our Journey

There is a lot going on in West Palm Beach and we’re excited to bring you some outstanding West Palm Beach updates that we know you’re going to be excited about too!  After all, we all love the craft brewing industry, as well as the wine making industry, and these updates are great!

We reported a while back about the outstanding updates to the Warehouse District here in West Palm Beach and how they will be changing the landscape of the area quite a lot.  With fresh produce sales coming in, as well as some other amazing businesses popping up, it was only natural that more great changes were coming.  Now, we’re looking at a variety of updates and changes that mean quite a lot for the local community.

West Palm Beach updates mean great news for the area

You all know that we’re planning to open up West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault soon in the Warehouse District.  We recently met with our contractor to discuss the plans and, although we’re going to have to move our date back a bit, as long as the city issues our permits by May 7th, we’re anticipating a Labor Day opening.  This is great news, as we’re on our way to bringing you great craft beer and premium wines!

In addition to this news, we’re happy to announce that The Vault at West Palm Beach Brewery will be featuring some amazing premium wines from Pankauski Wine Cellars in Napa, California!  We’ve entered into an exclusive agreement with Pankauski Wine Cellars and you will be able to taste wines that are only available here at The Vault.  We’ll have cases of wine in racks for customers to see and actually read the labels, as well as a bookcase style display with all of the wines we offer.

These wines are personally chosen by me from select vineyards and blocks throughout Napa.  I use my connections in Napa with wine makers, farmers, vineyard managers and winery owners to secure allocations of some of the finest grapes and wine. Either I or a consulting wine maker will finalize a blend, or finish it and top it off.  Our reds are un-apologetically Napa :  big, deep, and rich. Stunning and delicious.  “  said John Pankauski.  “We are trying to finalize grape contracts as I speak to bring two more Pinot Noirs and perhaps a Sauvignon Blanc to the lineup.  I want the consumer to compare Sonoma Pinot Noir side by side with the Sta. Rita Hills.”

This is great news for West Palm Beach, Florida and we’re excited for the day we open our doors to wine lovers all over.  Look for these wines to premiere in the fall, as the designers are working hard to finalize label designs and more.  Also, check back soon, because we’ll be posting a further West Palm Beach updates in the near future!


Mar 4, 2017