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West Palm Beach Warehouse District’s facelift is exciting!

Our Journey

We reported previously that the Warehouse District in West Palm Beach was going to be getting a partial face lift.  Six acres of land had been set aside for some new and exciting businesses to move in and make this section of the city a great community base.  With businesses like a fitness center, brewery, fresh produce sales, and more, the warehouse district looks at becoming THE hub for the community to come together and get great local products.

We’re super excited about all of this, because West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault will be located in the Warehouse District and we want to be a strong part of this community.  While we love the thought of catering to the wide variety of craft beer enthusiasts world-wide, we also realize that you have to have a steady role in your community to ensure a bright future for the area around you.  We’re proud of the way so many businesses are starting to take part in their local community events and really make an impact on the future.

The improvements to the Warehouse District mean that the community will have a larger number of businesses to include within their events.  It is a simple fact that more businesses means more opportunity for different charity events to gain support.  That is heavily valued in any community, as school arts programs, local art colleges, and school sports programs nearly always need help with funding.  These are areas the government is no longer as interested in funding and many schools have had to cut funding in their arts programs in order to support key areas of their curriculum.

Imagine a Warehouse District that supports the arts, sports, local charities, and local farms.  One that helps us to be healthier, save money, live better, and come together.  It makes a pretty great picture in our view, and we hope it does in yours as well.  We look forward to the many changes coming to the Warehouse District here in West Palm Beach, Florida and we see a bright future ahead of our community.  We hope to share that future with everyone who visits and look forward to doing so in the future as well, because our goal is for every person to go home with the feeling that they too can make a difference in their own communities.

Check back here regularly for updates on how these great changes are moving along, as well as updates on West Palm Beach Brewery and The Vault!  We’ll be updating as often as we can and love to let you know when things happen!



Mar 5, 2017