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Our Journey

barrel-samplesIt’s true that the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault is “a lot” about beer.  Really good beer. Craft beer, hand made, right there, on the premises.  But let’s not forget about the wine.   After all, “Wine Vault” is in the title of this downtown craft brewery, which describes its headquarters at 332 Evernia Street as “Aspen lodge-like” or a “Napa or Sonoma tasting room.”  So, what’s with the wine?  Well, the passion for artisanal, craft beer lead to the creation of the downtown’s first craft brewery.  And that passion originated with wine.  JP was never a beer drinker.  … That is….. Until he saw the “light” of hand made, small lot craft beer,  and those stouts, porters and IPA’s came across his palate.  JP had been travelling to Napa, Sonoma, and the Sta. Rita Hills and Santa Barbara for years.  He owns vineyard land.  He produces wine. A lot of his buddies are in the wine business in California.  So, he figured, if people with passion for beer come to the brewery, there may be some people who also have passion for great wine.  After all, his interest in craft beer came from his buddies on his softball team, who were constantly talking about craft beer, visiting South Florida breweries, and describing micro brews just like JP described wine.   And, too, let’s face it, not everyone loves beer. So, small lot, premium wines will be offered at the West Palm Beach Brewer & Wine Vault.  JP will use his connections in Napa and Paso Robles and Santa Barbara to bring to you small lot, super high quality premium wines that you just can’t get anywhere else in Florida. Over the last month, JP, with his tasting panel, has sampled over two dozen barrel samples of wine that only he can get. His years in Napa and friends in the wine biz stretch from the Anderson Valley through Monterrey and the Central Coast, through Santa Barbara, all the way to the San Diego area.   JP, through his contacts and friends who are vineyard managers, wine makers, brand ambassadors, farmers and cellar rats, has access to premium California wine and grapes that he can get, grow or bottle. The good news is that these premium Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noirs, and red wine blends will be available at the 332 Evernia location.  Bad news?  The quantities will be limited.  Sometimes very limited. So, the Brewery & Wine Vault will be creating an email blast notifying wine lovers about upcoming releases, with an exclusive opportunity to pre-order very special wines even before they hit the floor.  Even before they arrive in Florida.   If you don’t want to buy the wine before tasting it, that’s OK:  look for pre-release and release parties heralding new and newly arrived wines.


Dec 9, 2016