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West Palm Brewery Live Music — 5 things you need to know about singer songwriters Monty Warren and David Gruitza


The West Palm Brewery is offering live music at 332 Evernia Street!  The tickets are free, but get there early for best seating. This Sunday, May 20th, at 2:00 pm, local Florida singer songwriters Monty Warren and David Gruitza will take to The Spilt Beer Stage at the West Palm Brewery, plug in, and open our summer-long live music series.  Yes, the West Palm Brewery is bringing live, original music to downtown West Palm Beach, starting this Sunday, May 20th.  Here are 5 things you need to know about songwriter musicians Monty Warren and David Gruitza

  1. Original Music.    Both Monty and David have their own, original body of work which they will be performing live on Sunday, May 20th, from 2:00-5:00 pm at the West Palm Brewery, 332 Evernia Street.   https://www.facebook.com/events/172244503488466/   Each is an accomplished singer and songwriter, carefully crafting lyrics to tell a story, introduce the listener to a person, a time, a place, or an event, or just simply to welcome the weekend, turn up the volume and rock the joint. (For the latter: listen to Monty’s Lonely Girl.) This singer songwriter summer series kickoff will feature both artists with acoustic plug-ins, on stage.  Many of you have seen their incredible live shows, with their bands, in South Florida.  Most of you have seen Monty play SunFest. But, for this music series, the Brewery wanted to focus on these talented lyricists and their music. Pure. 
  2. Deep Body of Work  Each artist has a wide body of original work to enjoy, particularly Monty, who has three discs out, and is in the studio right now working on additional, soon-to-be-released material.  Monty’s albums include Far Out Close Up (2015), Let’s Go to Therapy (2012) and 2008’s Trailer Park Angel, some of which was written in Nashville. Check out Monty Warren online here: https://www.montywarren.com/  You can listen to Monty Warren’s music on Apple’s iTunes by simply searching his name.  You can listen to David’s work on Apple’s iTunes as well, by searching for his band that he fronts: Fern Street. David is the front man for the band Fern Street, which has gathered a respectable following of loyal Florida fans in a short time. http://fernstreetmusic.com/   Here is the link to listen to their music on your iPhone or iPad:   https://www.apple.com/music/
  3. Heartfelt Lyrics  David Gruitza’s songwriting has been described as speaking the truth, reaching from the heart, which just about anyone can relate to.  https://www.facebook.com/fernstreetmusic/ Both David and Monty have similar tastes in music and in some cases have had their careers influenced by the same or similar musicians and sounds, including the Rolling Stones, and amazing alt-country lyricists and songwriters like Steve Earle. But these fine performers will be the first to tell you that trying to categorize them or place them in a genre is a waste of time.  They play from the heart, and pour it all out on stage and through the microphone.  100% real.  Night after night, show after show.  What more could one ask for, right? Talk is cheap and so are labels and categories.  So, ‘nough said.  If you like live music on a Sunday and respect original, heartfelt music, you want to be in the front row of the brewery this Sunday when these guys take the stage for their live performance. 
  4. Sincerity  David Gruitza and Monty Warren represent the true essence of singer songwriters, part author and troubadour. Thoughtful, purposeful talent with something to say, to reveal, to connect with.  Through their work, they frame experiences, adventures, loss, confrontation, love, and tales.  Their lyrics introduce you to people or situations which you may just know or recognize. Through their songs and story telling, it’s all stripped bare and laid out there for you, the listener:  100% pure USDA prime American music, delivered to you live on stage through their music, no signature required.  And, now, that means of transportation of rock and rock ‘n roll, alt-country with  POP sounds, roots-rock, or however the critics and music writers describe them, travels via digital files, on your phone and tablet.  So, you want a little bit of the truth?   You can check out their work on their web sites and their Facebook pages, whose links appear earlier in this commentary.  David’s band, Fern Street, has a new EP out, available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and CD Baby.  Monty’s travel schedule has pushed back the release of his newest body of work with Phil Wolf, who has been described as Spain’s Mick Jagger.  Phil  https://www.facebook.com/phil.wolff1 traveled to South Florida for a set of gigs with Monty and his band, The Friggin Whatevers, last year.   Monty is in  and out of the studio putting the finishing touches on his collaboration with Phil.  Hopefully, we can convince Phil to cross the Atlantic this summer and play at the Brewery, backed, of course, by The Friggin Whatevers (the lawyers and agents are working on it.)  So, whether we are talking about their lyrics, music, bands or collaborators, there is something which you should know about these two Florida talents.  Their songwriting is sincere, as is their stage presence.  There is no LA or Nashville silliness or fluff.  They didn’t write their songs for some record producer in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood.  Their body of work was written for themselves: and you.  And they are not catering to some record label on Music Row in Nashville.  They are sincere singer songwriters who write their own lyrics based on life experiences, the message that they are sending and the connection which they seek with their audiences.  
  5. Stage Presence    This Sunday will be –guaranteed– a lot of smiles and foot tapping as these two take the stage at 2:00 pm.  They each respect their audience and the time you have granted to them to connect with you and share their work.  And we are lucky to have them.  Singers + six strings.  A stage.  And the day.  All is good.  I’m not saying that the West Palm Brewery will turn into the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville or turn downtown West Palm Beach into a “Little” Austin, let alone South by Southwest, but I’m glad that we are respecting original music and bringing it to you live.  You will be, too. 

See you Sunday, May 20th, 2:00 pm.  There is limited free parking in the designated spaces in the lot east of the brewery. But do NOT park in the non-designated spaces or the bank will boot you.  There is also free parking downtown most Sundays in West Palm at the meters and in the 8 story parking garage 30 feet from the brewery on Evernia and South Dixie.  The West Palm Brewery is on the West Palm Beach Brightline train stop. We offer original, natural, craft beer made right here in our on-premises production facility and served at 37 degrees in our tap room, The Long Bar. We never, EVER, add extracts or additives or junk.  The Brewery has indoor and outside, shaded seating and is pet friendly and family friendly. We validate stroller parking.  We don’t distribute, so you can only get Chief Brewer Joel Kodner’s drafts right here. We offer a limited made-2-order menu at our restaurant, The Intracoastal Ktichen, and are proud to present very limited, premium and ultra-premium wine in The Vault, our Napa-like tasting room, wine retail shop and wine bar.  https://www.facebook.com/wpbrewery/


May 14, 2018