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West Palm is a great place for a dinner date!

Our Journey

As we slowly step into a new month, we’re reminded daily that yet another holiday is coming up.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we’re betting most of you aren’t ready.  Don’t feel bad, no one is ever ready for that day of the year.  This is likely why so many are in the doghouse the next day!  However, we have a great solution for you!  Simply grab your significant other and head on over to West Palm Beach Brewery for a dinner date!

Set up a dinner date at The Intracoastal KitchenThe dinner date is not a thing of the past!

Society is moving forward at a rapid rate thanks to technology.  However, it seems that our “courting skills” have taken a back seat thanks to texting, facetime, and other various apps that keep us separated by a screen.  It’s time to take an active role in changing this system.  A lovely dinner date, movies, and the like are not a thing of the past.  They are simply something that has been given a break in lieu of easier methods.  Don’t be lazy, go on a date!

Come on down and talk to Chef Andrew at The Intracoastal Kitchen.  He’ll provide you with an outstanding meal straight from our wood-fired brick oven!  Then pair that meal with some delicious craft beer brewed right here!  Our core brews have already gained a lot of notice with the local community and we’re sure you’ll love them!

Check out the Tasting Room as well!

If you’re looking to make it more of a special occasion, head over to the Tasting Room and check out the absolutely stunning wines available there.  We are the only source of Pankauski Wines and their cellars are producing some of the best wines in the country!  You’re sure to find one that you love, like Dad’s Blend, our pride and joy.

No matter what your preference, West Palm Beach Brewery is a great choice for your Valentine’s Day plans.  Stop in, say hello, have some amazing food and drink, and rest assured that you won’t be in the doghouse the next day!


Jan 31, 2018