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What are the most popular hops for craft beer?

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If you’re a hops lover, you have likely tried some of the most amazing hop-filled brews on the market.  If you haven’t, then you’re still searching the world for the best and probably enjoying that journey.  Lately it seems that craft breweries are addicted to the hop-filled brew trend that so many enthusiasts have pushed forward.  Just as in the past with many other brew styles, this sudden onslaught of hopped up brews is gaining ground fast.  However, unlike some of the past trends, this one doesn’t seem to be flagging on its path.  Instead, the demand for even hoppier brews is growing every year.  This leads us to wonder what are the most popular hops being used for craft beer lately?

Cascade hops is an eternal favorite

Cascade hops is, and likely always shall be, one of the most often used hops in the brewing industry.  With its super aroma style profile, this hops is often used in American Pale Ales due to its acidity as well.  Many of the super acidic, dry-hopped brews you find on the market are hopped with this hops variety.  This is not the only type of hops commonly used in craft brewing, but it is certainly one of the big favorites at this time and that is not likely to change for a long while.

Citra hops has the fruit brewers hopping

Citra hops has gained one heck of a following lately with so many fruity flavored brews coming out.  The demand for fruit flavored brews jumped sky-high over a few seasons and after a while people began to want something that crossed super hopped brews with fruit flavored deliciousness.  Thus Citra hops became a new go-to hops, as it provided a great citrus aroma and flavor to add to the already fruit infused brews.

Centennial hops is making waves

Centennial hops has been used for quite some time with outstanding success, but has really gained a following recently with the demand for super hopped brews rising higher than the clouds.  With this demand, the need for a blend of several hops styles has increased and thus we’ve seen Centennial hops popping up with increasing regularity in the craft brewing industry.  We hope to see this continue, as this hops variety offers a great aroma and flavor profile that we’ve certainly enjoyed.

Crystal hops offer an interesting twist

This spicier variety is making a big impression on the craft brewing industry.  Though it is not used nearly as often as Centennial or Cascade, it offers a huge flavor and aroma alternative to the standard varieties and can be used in many of the more “off-the-wall” craft beer types.  We’ve seen it used in a pretty interesting range of brews lately and we’re hoping to see it a bit more in the future.

We love the large variety of hops showing up in our brews!

With so many different options where hops varieties are concerned, we’re loving how many are starting to show up in our craft beer.  While the classics are still ever-present, there are plenty of somewhat off-the-wall types that are being brought into play with the demand for hop-filled brews rising.  We’ve seen a great range of varieties used lately and the more the merrier in our view!

Check back often to see what new brews we’ve found, as well as the interesting posts on the many outstanding craft breweries and vineyards present in the United States.  If you’ve found some great brews in your travels, leave us a comment and let us know!



Mar 14, 2017