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What brews make hopaholics go crazy?

Our Journey

Hops are one of the most important additions to brews like the amazing IPAs that we have to enjoy.  Whether dry hopped or not, these brews are delicious and the many varieties of hops on the market have helped to provide us with the widest possible array of brews to date.  The market is full of amazing brews and we strive to try each one as we find them.  Although this is sometimes a daunting task, filled with searching for trades available or distributors that may have to ship worldwide, we, as Hopaholics, put ourselves to the task with fervor and enjoy those brews twice as much once we receive them.

With that said, we realize that there are some brews that drive the Hopaholics wild.  These craft beers are so hoppy, so perfectly balanced, with such an interesting flavor profile, that hops lovers world-wide are willing to trade, ship, or fly to try them.  We think this is great, because anything that sparks curiosity in the craft brewing industry means the industry is gaining ground.  We’ve hunted down a few of the brews on the market that are making the Hopalics go wild and sparking interest across the board as well.

What is so great about hops that it has created Hopaholics?

Hops is an essential ingredient in nearly every craft beer on the market.  However, some folks just can’t get enough of the stuff and the hoppier the brew, the happier they are.  Whether it is Cascade, Citra, or any other hops variety, the blend is what their passion is all about.  You see, the different types of hops being grown offer different additions to the flavor profile of these brews.  Whether they are dry hopped or not, the more varieties that are used, often the deeper the flavor profile of the brew.

Hops, depending on the type, can offer a floral aroma, citrus flavor, or even an earthy tone to the craft beer it is imbued within.  Just as barrel aging can offer an added layer to the flavor, so goes the addition of different types of hops to a good brew.  It can take an ok brew to great, and a great brew to divine, depending on your preference.  Also, if you’re a bottle aging aficionado, these bad boys are up for the challenge, so you may want to give them a second and third taste after a bit of “traveling”.

Ok, so what are a few brews that make Hopaholics go wild?

There are plenty of brews out there that have the Hopaholics cheering, but we’ve rounded up a short list of those we really loved so far.  Check out the list below for a sampling of the brews we’ve tried, and perhaps for some inspiration as to where to go for your next craft beer road trip.

  • Baxter Brewing: Stowaway
    • This brew is full of hoppy deliciousness.  The brewery, located in Lewiston, Maine, offers a great variety of brews to check out and this one is no exception to their dedication to excellence.
  • Southern Tier Brewing: 2XIPA
    • This is a hoppy dream of a craft beer that all Hopaholics need to add to their “Must Try” list.  The road trip to Lakewood, New York will certainly be worth it and you’ll come home with some outstanding brews that even feature great craft beer artwork on the labels.
  • Ballast Point: Sculpin IPA
    • Ballast Point is already well-known for their amazing brews, but this hop-filled gem is one to add to the collection for sure.  With an ABV of 7% you’ll want to drink this one slowly and if you like flavor infusions there are a couple of other options for this great IPA as well.
  • Boneyard Beer: Hop Venom
    • This is a bomb of hop lover’s paradise in a bottle.  With 60 IBUS and an ABV of 9%, you’ll want to put on the big boy pants and buckle up for a hop-filled ride.  Take it slow, if you can.
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing: Hop Hunter IPA
    • This outstanding craft beer is the result of steam distilled hops combined with whole-cone hops.  The result is a super hoppy brew that will tease your tastebuds and leave you wanting more of this nectar of hoppy-goodness.

Hop hunting is a prime activity for Hopaholics and we want to hear your results!

Don’t hesitate to leave us a comment about some of the great hop-filled craft brews you have found and what you thought of them.  We might quote your comment or even feature a brew you mention.  We hope you are enjoying your craft beer journey and want to hear your thoughts whenever you have the time.  Until then, happy hop hunting!


Mar 6, 2017