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What South Florida brewery can I bring my own food to?

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2016-bw-fermentation-tankFoodies are passionate about food and wine, and, yes, often, craft beer!  And we KNOW that craft beer lovers throughout South Florida LOVE their locally made, artisanal micro-brews.

And, we should all agree, that often, when we drink great craft beer, or sip premium Napa wine, we want a bite to eat.

So, why don’t more Florida breweries serve food on the premises?

Well, many just don’t want to run a restaurant. ….Or handle food…. and spend the time, focus and money to get the brewery or tap room inspected by the health department because you have to, then, jump through a number of regulatory and legal hoops. Brewery owners and master brewers in Florida just, well, want to make beer, it seems.

So, many breweries offer food trucks with great grub at a fair price right there outside the brewery.

Now, one south Florida brewery is going a step further.


The West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, http://www.WestPalmBeer.com, slated to open April of 2017, encourages visitors to bring your own food.

“So many fans have told us that they love craft breweries and also Napa Valley tasting rooms. And in Napa and the Sta. Rita Hills, it’s very common for lovers of fine wine to picnic–to bring their own food to the winery, purchase  a newly released wine, and enjoy the day with family or friends. ” said Dan Galasso.

“So, our policy at West Palm Brewery & Wine Vault is to encourage visitors to bring their own cheese plates and sandwiches. Bring the picnic baskets and set the table outside in our Beer Garden.  Or just order a pizza or bring sandwiches.  We’ll take care of offering the finest in craft beer, made right here, and premium white and red wines from the best vineyards in California.”


Dec 17, 2016