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What’s available at Deschutes this summer?

Our Journey

Deschutes Brewing Company in Bend, Oregon has a reputation for crafting some of the best beer on the market.  With a wide variety of brews out there already, they seem to come up with new ideas every year.  This certainly keeps us smiling, as more variety in the brewing industry is always a great thing!  Well, it is for those of us who enjoy trying new craft beers anyway.  However, what is on tap with Deschutes this season?

Deschutes has classic favorites and seasonal joys

If you haven’t already taken the time to check out some of Deschutes great craft brews, then you are definitely missing out.  Even our resident portaholic was unable to resist the allure of their brews, and she’s pretty darn dedicated to her porters.  Of course, the fact that Deschutes offers a porter may have been what initially drew her in, she quickly gained a love for this brewing company and has tried nearly every one of their brews to date.

If they can win over our portaholic, then you should have no trouble finding a Deschutes brew that suits your specific tastes.  We’ve put together a short list of some of their best brews below and we hope you take the time to give them a try!

Black Butte Porter – This is the brew that won over our own portaholic and made her a fan.  She figured that if they could ace a porter this well, they could certainly create other brews that she would enjoy.  That theory proved correct, time and time again.

Obsidian Stout –  For those who love a great stout, we bring you, Obsidian Stout.  This is a perfectly blended stout that you’ll want to purchase more than one of.  It’s a good thing they come in packs because you’re going to be tempted to age a couple of bottles to compare them later on.  The evolution of the brew is outstanding and it even evolves very well in the glass after pouring.  Definitely a sipping beer, you’ll want to bring two and sip them all night long this summer.

Hop Slice Summer Ale – We couldn’t possibly go without mentioning their summer ale, as this one is perfect for those hot summer days.  If you’re a fan of hops who wants a brew that is crisp and refreshing enough to survive the summer heat with, then look no further.  Aroma for days, flavor that is both complex and curious, and an ABV of 5%.  What more could you ask for?

Tell us about the Deschutes brews you’ve tried!

Remember to stop back in and tell us about the great Deschutes brews you’ve had the chance to taste.  Also, be sure to stop into their taproom and check out their Black Butte Whiskey!  We hear it’s quite the treat and only available in the taproom.  In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!


Jun 22, 2017