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What’s Coming Up In West Palm Beach in January?

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West Palm Beach is always one of the hot spots to be, no matter what time of year it is, where you are from, or what you enjoy doing.  This town is full of events, women, activities, entertainment, women, hot bars, did we mention women?  No?  I knew we forgot something.

Now, for those interested in the events that this outstanding location offers to the locals and tourists alike, we have a quick outline of some events coming up in January of 2017 (stop thinking about the women and focus).

January 5th-7th

Palm Beach Improv will welcome comedian Ralphie May!  This outstanding comic has gained quite a following through his travels and promises to be THE act to watch this January in West Palm Beach.  Make sure to get your tickets before it’s too late!

January 7th

Race to Save the Panther!  Craft beer enthusiasts make one HUGE community and that is exactly what this event needs.  Get your running shoes on and head down there to support and outstanding cause.  More information can be found by contacting the Palm Beach Zoo.  Make sure to register now and run for the big cats!

January 13th-29th

This is the big one aficionados!  The South Florida Fair!  This epic event is THE one to come out for with tons of entertainment, food, beer, games, and of course a huge community to enjoy the event with!  Contact the Fairgrounds for more information!

January 28th

Another one that needs our full community to turn up and turnout for a great cause.  The Susan G. Komen race for the Cure!  Register here or just pass along a donation to help beat Breast Cancer, which claims so many victims every year.  Men, get out there and make sure you support women’s health and futures.  Women, get out there and support EACH OTHER.  This event is worth the effort, so even if you absolutely abhor running, go out and walk!

There are more events on the event calendar which can be found HERE, but these are the ones we want to highlight and we hope our community will get out there and support the races and the causes they represent!


Dec 21, 2016