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What’s so hot about organic beer?

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You may have noticed that more Organic beer is ending up on the market lately and there are several reasons for this.  While many organic products are seeing lower sales, the production of organic beer is certainly not doing so.  In fact, it’s gaining ground as quickly as organic premium wines are!

Samuel Smith's organic beer is great!Why are people so concerned with organic beer?

Organic beer is gaining popularity due to a variety of causes.  One main cause is the continuing shift to healthier eating, which is in turn due to the many new viruses that seem to be cropping up each year.  By eating healthier, people create a stronger immune system and have less risk of contracting illnesses that have become all too common.  While it may seem that beer cannot contribute to a person’s health in a positive manner, this is actually not true!  Therefore, shifting to healthier beers that are crafted through entirely organic processes makes sense to those who love craft beer.

Another feature that many organic beers share is that their ingredients are often sourced locally, as this helps to offset the cost of certified organic ingredients by reducing the cost of shipping.  Locally sourced goods are always a plus, as this means the craft brewery is able to aid in supporting their local communities.  People love a tight-knit community brewery, as they can rely on them to be passing along their profits in beneficial ways.

Organic growing has become popular through media

With the addition of so many media outlets in the world over the past few decades, it is easier for folks to get information about health and wellness without stopping in and paying a doctor’s office fee.  If you Google healthy eating, you’re going to find thousands of results pointing to organic foods, vitamins, and minerals that you can substitute for the synthetic or highly processed products you’ve been purchasing.  That includes the craft brewing industry, as the increase in organic beer on the market means more folks are going to purchase those brews over non-organic ones if they are pushing towards a healthier diet.

This doesn’t worry the brewing industry overmuch, as it simply means more sales for the many old and new craft breweries in the United States who have turned to organic ingredients and green energy.  The two seem to go hand-in-hand, as most breweries creating certified organic brews are also turning to solar energy, water reclamation, and even green rooftops.  This not only helps to ensure a better future for their communities but also gives people one more reason to lean towards their brews over those of a brewery that isn’t producing certified organic beer.

What organic beer have you tried?

Have you tried any really great organic beer in your journeys?  Leave us a comment and tell us about them!  We love hearing from our readers and your comment might be the cause of our next feature post.  In the meantime, from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, happy tasting!



Jun 9, 2017