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White wine barrels: Aging with class

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Aging beer in white wine barrels has become a very popular choice by microbreweries and new craft breweries all over the U.S.  Particularly in south Florida, there are breweries popping up who absolutely love the idea of working wine with their brew to create new and interesting flavors for their fans.

White wine barrels are gaining a new lifeWhite wine barrels are great for aging beers, but are they gaining notoriety?

According to Vinepair, one such brew was Victory White Monkey, which is, sadly, not currently available from the Victory Brewing page.  This amazing Belgian triple malt is aged for a range of 3 months in white wine barrels.  While the barrels add a touch of elegance through the induction of white wine, they also mellow out the alcohol a bit, creating a smooth, flavorful brew that you can be proud to drink.

Chardonnay tends to be the most popular of the white wine barrels to be used and the results range from zesty to mellow and fruity.  However, it is not just the type of wine in the barrel that affects the flavor of the brew.  The type of wood has an effect as well, though those effects are nowhere near as strong as they would be from a newer barrel.  Most white wine barrels have given up the ghost by about the fourth run of aging and in former days they would have been disposed of after this stage.

White wine barrels are being used more every year

With barrel aging gaining popularity in the brewing industry, winemakers now have an additional outlet for their used white wine barrels and the results have been great.  With brewers able to purchase wine barrels from vineyards around the world, the barrel aging phenomenon is gaining ground fast.  While this means more interesting, flavor rich brews for the customers, it also means barrels are being recycled, which makes the world itself a happier and healthier place.


Jan 1, 2017