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Why are some of the hottest craft breweries in south Florida?

Our Journey

When it comes to the hottest craft breweries in Florida, you simply cannot ignore the south Florida allure.  With cities like Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach, and Miami, this is the hottest area for tourism in the entire state.  The fact that we have some of the most open breweries and fabulous Tap rooms simply adds to the draw.

Some of the hottest craft breweries are selling great beerView the operations full of brite tanks and great progress

Many south Florida breweries have either a windowed brewing area or offer tours of their facilities, which draws in tourists and locals alike.  The bright tanks used for cooling and the shiny fermentation tanks catch our eye and leave us staring in awe as we listen to the brewmaster explain how those tasty suds are created.  We simply can’t help ourselves.

Foodies challenge, can you find the perfect pairing?

On top of the list of ‘draw you in’ types of events are the awesome food pairing events that can be found in at many craft breweries.  Guys and gals everywhere will likely agree that whether it is bacon paired with American pale ale, or the perfect pairing of Imperial pale ale and bratwurst, food and craft beer together are a driving force.

South Florida features some of the hottest new craft breweries in the country, a fact that even the Brewers Association cannot ignore.  With a wide variety of types of craft beer on tap, absolutely outstanding Tap rooms, a tourism industry that is absolutely BOOMING, and some of the best weather in the world, it is only natural that our breweries are gaining ground.

More to come in 2017

West Palm Beach Brewery and Wine Vault, our baby, is due to open in early 2017 and we hope to be one of those breweries.  The brewery that you go home from vacation and brag to your buddies about, daring them to check us out.  We’ll be happy to see them too because we plan to have a great list of brews available on tap and our OUTDOOR beer garden (yep, outdoors) promises to be the best idea we’ve ever had (other than brewing beer of course).

Road trip through Florida’s hottest craft breweries!

For those of you who don’t believe that the breweries of south Florida are truly the hot place to be right now, drive on down and check them out!  We’d love to see traffic for our competitors and we certainly want to see you once we open!



Jan 13, 2017