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Why choose a Merlot?

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tuscany-grape-field-nature-51947Premium wine enthusiasts around the world get together at special events, galas, and even in small family dens to celebrate and discuss the many types of wine available across the globe.  Whether they are participating in a Wine Walk or enjoying a glass at home, one thing is clear, they LOVE their wine.

This leads to the question of what is special about each wine.  Why does one person enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon while another prefers Chianti?  The answer comes down to each person’s palette.  While I absolutely love Merlot, there are those who dislike the taste.

If you love historical wines, Merlot is a great choice

Merlot is an age-old wine whose origins begin in France, though it did not gain notable popularity until the mid to late 1800s.  This wine has its most notable presence in Bordeaux and has a strong presence in other regions as well.

Over the centuries this wine has evolved from a biturica variety to the wine we recognize now which has a very fruity taste and low tannin content which makes it a very smooth wine overall.

Merlot truly is the Wine of Love

The grapes are weather sensitive, as are the vines themselves, and the entire crop can be ruined during flowering if not carefully tended.  While other varieties can be left to fend for themselves, Merlot grapes require care that almost borders on passion.  This certainly explains why people say Merlot is a wine infused with love!

Rich Dinners Deserve Rich Flavor

As for the wine itself, Merlot offers a fruity taste that matches very well with nearly any rich meal, complimenting a variety of textures and spices to please even the most discerning tastes.  While it may not be everyone’s first pick, it is definitely the main choice for a vast population of wine lovers around the world.

Merlot is well-known for being THE choice for dinners of pasta or meat, two staples of any diet.  Even chocolate matches well with this wine, something you would not really expect given the rich nature of chocolate itself.

Make Your Wallet Sing Too

In addition to the care and taste of this lovely wine, the wide range of producers available makes it a very interesting addition to any wine rack.  Speaking of that rack, don’t leave the bottle there too long.  This glorious wine does not enjoy being aged for long and simply begs to be consumed.

Merlot has become the most popular wine in the world over the past few decades due to its outstanding price and availability.  Even some of the best craft breweries offer this wine on their lists!  With prices ranging from $6.00 to $1,700.00, this wine clearly caters to every pocketbook and qualifies itself as an “every man” delight from the south of France to South Florida.





Dec 20, 2016