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Why Do We Decant?



It’s something most of us should be doing to our wines. Here’s a quick breakdown of why we decant wines and the quickest most effective way to get your wine, opened, aerated and ready to enjoy! 



Decanting any wine (especially a big tannic red) will help open the wine up and let you better enjoy the aromas and flavors the bottle has to offer. Think about how much flavor is in each SMALL bottle of wine, giving that juice a moment to breathe and literally touch oxygen again can really change what you experience in the glass. Some acidic or sulfur like aromas will also dissipate after a wine has oxidized for some time, this may help you better pick up on fruit or mineral notes in the wine without being overwhelmed by the alcohol.


You can truly decant almost anything! But if you like bubbles don’t start decanting your sparkling wines. Big reds and high acid wines like Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec tend to benefit the most from decanting. Even a “cheap” wine taste more complex after a bit of time in a decanter.


The easiest way to decant a wine is to buy a simple and straight forward decanter. Pour (into your decanter) however much of the wine you would like to drink in that sitting, then give the wine and decanter some time to relax (anywhere from 10 mins to 2 hours). The entire point of this practice is to expose as much of the wine to oxygen as you can. If you don’t have a decanter at home pouring wine between two glasses a hand full of times will even do the trick. Just remember, your decanter or glasses should always be very clean! Detergents, dust or perfumes can change what you experience in your glass and that generally isn’t a good thing.

Happy Sipping!


Oct 30, 2017