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Why do we love craft beer so much?

Our Journey

The craft brewing industry has been booming for several decades now and is growing more every year.  With over 4,000 craft breweries in the United States alone there is a huge variety of craft beer on the market.  However, what exactly is the reason we love craft beer so much?  Is it the luscious flavors and aromas that the brewmasters are creating?  Perhaps it is the epic artwork we’re finding on the labels of some of these outstanding brews.  Maybe it’s a bit of both?

Art may be part of why we love craft beer

Craft breweries have been connected to the art community for a very long time.  Considering the fact that craft beer has existed, with proof, as far back as Ancient Egypt and beyond, it is no surprise that the world of art would come forward right alongside the great brews we love.  In today’s world, the art community and the brewing community sit side-by-side, enjoying craft beer at events that promote the arts in many cities and small towns.  We love seeing this happen because part of the point behind craft brewing is to bring people together.

We love craft beer because it brings us togetherHow do craft breweries bring people together?

Many craft breweries feature taprooms that are designed to allow the public to try out their outstanding craft beer in a laid-back setting where they can discuss the brews with others.  In addition, they are often as dedicated to their communities as they are to the craft beer they produce.  This creates opportunities for them to bring everything together quite well.  For example, there are plenty of taprooms that feature Trivia Night, Family Game Day, Yoga Day, and many more events that bring the community together, at least for an hour or two.

However, it is this exact interaction that sparks so many new friendships and a wealth of ideas for more events!  While supporting their local craft brewery, the community is able to discuss important topics that have an effect on them as a whole.  This brings about the suggestions of events based around local charity groups and organizations that support the ideals they care about.

Organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of America, the YMCA, and various local charities that support soup kitchens, food banks, and Shop with a Cop are often featured at these events.  While it may not seem like a craft brewery could really do much for their community, that impression is entirely wrong, because they are often found donating their taprooms for these events or even holding them on their own!  Community togetherness is what craft beer is about.  After all, if you have no one to enthuse over your delicious craft beer with, are you really enjoying it?

We love craft beer from companies who support the artsGreat, but how do craft breweries support the arts?

If you’ve ever walked into a taproom, you already know how often you can spot local art or crafts in them.  Many taprooms feature items that have been created by art schools in the area, or craftsmen who want to showcase their pieces.  Bar stools, decor, tables, and even the lighting could be something that came from an arts program, trade school, or even a local craftsman who felt like donating.

Also, there are a variety of craft breweries all over the United States that donate directly to local schools in order to support the dying art programs in their community.  If you don’t already know, many schools began cutting funding for the arts a few decades ago, in spite of the fact that these programs promoted further education!  It is now up to the communities to keep these programs going, and we all know how hard it can be to come up with money for donations.  We all deal with pinched wallets in rough economic times, and this affects our schools twice as hard when they are relying on our support.

So how does this make us love craft beer so much?

The reason all of these factors make us love craft beer so much, is because, even if we don’t directly think about it, we know that every pint we purchase means another chance to support our community.  Especially if we know the brewery is strongly connected to our local arts programs, fundraisers, and community outreach programs.  Although this does not physically affect the taste of the craft beer we’re drinking, it certainly makes it seem to taste just a little better knowing we’re supporting a company that supports our community in turn.

We hope you take a minute or two to stop in and see what programs and local charities your nearby craft brewery supports.  If they’re not already doing so, perhaps you could drop them a list of the charities and programs that you know are most in need.  After all, working together to find solutions is how we make a community stronger, be it for schools, craft beer, or any other purpose.


Jan 31, 2017