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Wine and health go together!

Our Journey

It is no secret that wine has been connected to healthy living for centuries.  Even in today’s modern medical journals, professionals openly admit that a glass of wine is beneficial to your health.  That is why it is a great idea to stop in and check out some of the lovely wines available in our tasting room!  After all, what better place to debate the connection between wine and health than the very place great wines can be found?

The Vault offers several options of wine and health is our greatest concern!Connecting wine and health is not a stretch for anyone

It has long been known that a glass of red wine can actually help to improve your health.  Doctors have suggested this very thing to their patients for decades and that has not changed, even with the leaps we’ve made in medical discoveries.  The connection between wine and health has not only been established throughout history but clearly lives on today.

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery, we offer a great variety of wines that you can only find here.  Thanks to our exclusive contract with Pankauski Wine Cellars, we are able to showcase their delicious wines for you to enjoy.  Stop in and order a filling meal at The Intracoastal Kitchen and pair it with our Dad’s Blend or another of our premium quality wines.  We’d love to see you and Chef Andrew is always ready to create amazing artisan dishes with our wood-fired brick oven!

Several outstanding wines are waiting for you

Our wine cellar, titled The Vault, is home to hundreds of cases of wine, all hand-picked from the very best in Sonoma and Napa.  We do not offer off the shelf, cheap wines in our Tasting Room, but instead, offer you an experience that you could only find in Napa or Sonoma otherwise.

If you’re wondering how the wines are selected, you’ll be happy to know that we personally visit the vineyards where we source our wines.  Each selection is tasted for approval before being shipped to the tasting room for our patrons to enjoy.  We encourage you to stop by our tasting room to see what we have to offer.  We’re sure you’ll find one, or several, that you will love!




Feb 2, 2018