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What do wine, craft breweries, and horses have in common?

Our Journey

When you think about amazing wines you’ve tasted, or the last truly awesome craft beer you enjoyed, what do you think about?  Is it the taste?  Perhaps the fun times you had with friends at craft breweries?  We bet it’s both of these things.  We also bet you don’t think of horses, or cattle, or chickens either.  So, what do these things have in common with the delicious drinks you’ve tried?  Sustainability!

Horses have played a part in wine making for hundreds of years!  They also grace many of the farms that craft breweries work with to achieve more sustainable farming practices.How are craft breweries and horses connected?

We’re not speaking specifically of horses themselves, but the connection between farms and the brews we love to drink.  The same can be said of wine, as there is a direct historical connection between the two.  In fact, at some vineyards, the connection is not just historical, but current.

This connection goes much further than just putting the horses to work in the vineyards.  Indeed, it has returned to a path of sustainability that promises to improve the way we work together in our communities.

What do craft breweries have to do with sustainability?

Sustainability refers to quite a few different things.  However, in this case, it refers to the ability of a community to sustain itself through teamwork.  Cities like Kansas City, Missouri have already seen what can be accomplished when their community works together.  The list of ways that communities are working together with vineyards and craft breweries is quite long.

Craft breweries have the ability to work with local farms to create more sustainable farming practices through the use of spent grains as feed.  In addition, they often promote local sourcing of goods, which helps to strengthen community bonds and economies.  The list of possibilities is endless!

No matter what your interests, it is always great to see a community come together and strive towards goals that will create a cleaner, brighter future for our younger generations.  We’re proud to be a part of the craft brewing industry and hope to see even more examples of how wine, craft beer, and horses (and other animals) are connected by way of community strength.


Jan 31, 2018