Happy Hour: 4pm - 7pm, M-F

Wine on tap offers freshness, variety, fair price in an environmentally friendly package


What’s the best wine deal that wine lovers absolutely go crazy about?  Definitely wine on tap from a wine-focused, passionate restaurant, bar, or BREWERY !  Is wine on tap great for the environment?  Absolutely!  But wait, isn’t the focus of wine on tap all about freshness, and vibrant wine served at a perfect temperature at a very fair price? Indeed.  But a good wine on tap program, like the one at the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, is also environmentally friendly. Here’s what you need to know about the wine bar and the wine on tap program at 332 Evernia Street, downtown, in West Palm Beach, Florida, just blocks north of the Convention Center http://www.pbconventioncenter.com/  and City Place.http://www.cityplace.com

  • Environmentally Friendly  Wine on tap helps the environment! How? The kegs which are used are bio-degradable and recyclable.  They are also lightweight, but sturdy, plastic or composite, which means they are lighter than traditional steel kegs.  That means they ship lighter, too. Smaller carbon footprint? 
  • Variety  Because wine kegs are 1/6 barrels, they only hold about 5.16 gallons or about 2 cases of wine.  That’s about 120-130 glasses of wine.  So, the small quantity means that when you sell out of two cases of the wine, you can select a new wine in keg for your wine on tap program. This offers variety to wine lovers, and the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault will have a rotating line of wines on tap.  These will be in addition to their 30 plus bottle offerings.   https://www.westpalmbeer.com/our-wines/ So, look to the bottle list for your favorites like Dad’s Blend    from Napa, Inky Black red wine (release date: Black Friday, 2018), and the delicious Napa reds, Palm Beach Pinot Noir    and great Grenaches and super Syrahs. 
  • Freshness and Quality.  Wine on tap is all about fresh, vibrant wines.  The kegs, before being filled with fine wine, are “air blasted” with a gas such as Nitrogen or Argon which has no smell or taste, pushing out any Oxygen in the keg.  Then the wine keg is over-filled and sealed.  Stored at ideal conditions, 55 degrees, and ready to be tapped.  Once kegged, the wine can stay there for over a year, although most expect that the wine will be consumed within the first 6 months. At the West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault,   they have an 8 tap wine system, which means that they can offer 8 wines on tap by the glass.  
  • Fair Prices  Since merchants like the West Palm Brewery are purchasing plastic, recyclable kegs, that means their distributor is NOT charging them for bottles, corks, labels and tin or capsules.  No screwcaps. So, the idea goes, they can pass the savings on to the savvy wine consumer in Palm Beach“We will offer great variety, and incredible quality for our delicious wines on tap at the brewery” said West Palm Brewery owner John Pankauski.  ” The quality of our wine on tap will certainly be of the highest quality of any wine tap program in Florida.  I know that because I personally select what wine goes in our tap system before it hits your wine glass at our Wine Vault.” And Pankauski doesn’t just taste before he buys.  He visits wine country a lot and works with winemakers with long term grape contracts from the most prestigious (and expensive) California and Washington vineyards.  Yup:  the best grapes are the most expensive.  But, he claims, it’s all worth it.  “When our wine on tap hits your glass at 55 degrees, you will know you are drinking premium wine.”  Look for wine on tap to price out at $7 a glass and $11 for any reserve wines.  During happy hour, the wine on tap will be $5 per glass at the brewery, except for the reserve wines.  There will always be 1-3  reserve wines at $11/glass.  These reserve wines on tap represent truly exceptional wine from, admittedly, the most expensive grapes and sought-after vineyards. Since the wine is often aged in French oak barrels over time, from expensive vineyards, the price per glass needs to reflect that.   “Regrettably, our reserve wines on tap are very limited.  When they are gone, they are gone. We plan on rotating the wines and bringing in new wines when the existing wines tap out. ” 


Oct 11, 2018