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Wine prices and value, is the price tag the only way to judge the quality?

Our Journey

With so many second label wines turning heads in recent years, we’ve started to wonder whether there is a shift in the trend where discernment is concerned.  Where once the wine prices often foretold the quality of the wine, now we have second labels that are showing their quality to be equal to that of the vintages of old.  While this may seem a bit odd, it is not truly that surprising when you consider the dedication and innovation that has filled the winemaking industry.

The one thing that has held true throughout centuries of time is that vintners are highly dedicated to the quality of the wines they produce.  And while at one time you could easily tell the difference between a higher priced vintage and a second label by the wine prices, now you could be easily surprised to find that the premium wine you’ve tasted is actually a second.  No longer are wine prices an indication of quality because there are wineries out there producing second labels that can qualify as premium wines.

Wine prices as beautiful as a sunsetWill this affect wine prices throughout the industry?

There is no need to worry about falling prices or values, as Reserve and Grand Reserve wines are always going to pull a premium price to go with their premium quality.  You can rest assured that your thousand dollar wine collection will hold its value quite well in the rack and you’ll still enjoy the same quality that you’ve always expected from these amazing labels.

However, there is an upside to these lower priced wines showing such promise.  Wines that, at one time, may have been rejected by connoisseurs, is now being given a second tasting, as the critics cannot deny their quality and value.  Where once people joked about “box wines” and “poor man’s labels”, there is now a curiosity about premium wines with lower wine prices.  People are noticing that these wines have amazing flavor from nose to throat and even on to the palette.

So we can still rely on wine prices, but might want to check out the lower rates?

Indeed, you can still rely on the higher wine prices of your usual labels.  These vintages are not likely to drop in quality anytime soon and will always be a collector’s dream.  However, it’s time to start looking at those “second” wines as well.  Just as in the craft brewing industry, there is innovation and improvement happening all over the winemaking industry.  To miss out on an outstanding premium wine because the wine prices are lower than your standard would be a terrible waste indeed.

Here at West Palm Beach Brewery & Wine Vault, we plan to feature a variety of wines from different price ranges and labels when we open in October of this year, including exclusive wines from Pankauski Wine Cellars.  We’re certainly proud to offer some of the second wines on the market that have proven themselves to possess the same quality and excellence as older, more well-established labels and we hope to see you stop by after our opening.


Jul 9, 2017