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Wines from the Tasting Room are great!

Our Journey

Do you love wine?  How about premium wines from Napa?  What if we told you that you could find wines here that you won’t find anywhere else in the country?  We bet you’d want to come on in and see what we’re talking about.  If that’s the case, then head over to West Palm Beach Brewery and check out our great Tasting Room!

The wines at the Tasting Room are great!Exclusive Napa Wines at a great price

While our brewery does focus on creating outstanding classic craft beer styles, we also love wine.  We’ve entered into an exclusive contract with Pankauski Wine Cellars that ensures we are the only place you are going to find their outstanding wines.  Yes, we said it, we have the only hook up for these wines and we’re crowing about it!

What makes these wines so great is the fact that they are so carefully crafted.  They are created from grapes that are sourced from the very best blocks in each AVA, which means you are getting premium wine with the most flavor and aroma you could possibly gain.  We’re proud of the way Pankauski Cellars selects their ingredients, as it really shows in the resulting wines.  For example, their Dad’s Blend has already been a hit here in our Tasting Room and we expect that you will love it, too!

Big reds, bold flavors and aromas, and great prices at our Tasting Room

You can expect a great selection of wines when you come to visit the Tasting Room.  From the big, bold reds to the whimsical whites, you’ll have no end of adventure while tasting our wines.  The prices of our wines are great, too!  You’ll be paying less than you would in Napa or Sonoma, which is great!  We hope you’ll take that savings and head over to The Intracoastal Kitchen, where you can enjoy some delicious artisan meals to go with your wine!

We hope to see you soon and from all of us here at West Palm Beach Brewery, happy tasting!


Feb 1, 2018