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Wines we love but don’t often see

Our Journey

There are plenty of wines we love out there.  From big, bold reds to the more delicate and delicious whites and roses, the list is simply endless.  However, today we’d like to focus on a wine that is not often seen or talked about.  Gruner Veltliner is an absolutely amazing varietal that seems to have escaped the notice of many wine lovers here in the United States and we’d like to change that!

2015 was a great year for Gruner Veltliner!

Laurenz V and Sophie had an amazing year for Gruner Veltliner and we had the opportunity to taste that vintage for ourselves to prove it.  The resulting wine is absolutely delightful with plenty of flavor and aroma to keep you interesting from the first taste to the last.  Each glass seems to get better and we’re really not sure why this varietal is so unnoticed here in the United States.

You may remember that last year we featured this delicious varietal in a post.  Since then, we’ve had the chance to taste even more of these premium wines and we’re really impressed.  Although the varietal is grown mostly in Austria, we’ve seen it spread to other regions of the world slowly, which makes us very happy.  Although this dry white wine is not popular with everyone, we expect it to pick up quite a bit of popularity here in the United States once it takes a stronger hold in the blocks.

Do you love an outstanding white wine?

If you love an absolutely delicious white wine as much as we do, you really should check out what this varietal has to offer.  Each glass seems to take you on a journey and the result is perfection.  Whether you source a bottle from Laurenz V and Sophie or H. & M. Hofer, you’re sure to enjoy every single drop.  We certainly did!


Feb 26, 2018