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Women in brewing: High Heel Brewing rocks!

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The craft brewing industry has seen many exciting changes over the decades.  One of these changes is the shift back to women in brewing.  Traditionally throughout history, women actually did the majority of the brewing.  This slowly changed over centuries as the family dynamic became one of the women staying home while men went out and toiled in the workforce.  Again the dynamic began to shift as women took up more roles in the workforce again, but the major shift back to women in brewing was slow to re-evolve.  That is all changing fast with women taking up huge roles in the craft brewing industry again today.

High Heel Brewing supports women in brewing

High Heel Brewing is a great example of women in brewing.  These folks have some outstanding brews that deserve quite a lot of notice!  We recently had the opportunity to try some of their delicious craft beer and we were quite impressed with the quality of their brews.  These folks definitely put a lot of dedication into their craft and we’re proud to be featuring them today in our blog.

When you think of a new craft brewery to check out, think of High Heel Brewing, because they have some amazing brews that are going to become more popular by the year.  After the shock wave passed from Funky Buddha hitting $25 a bottle, we can only imagine how far these folks will go while their popularity rises across the United States.  Perhaps they’ll give the laughing chubby man some solid competition as others have recently.

Too Hop'd To Handle is a great example of what the women in brewing can doWomen in brewing seems to be a growing trend and we’re crowing about it

We love seeing women break back into the craft brewing industry.  With so much historical relevance in their roles, we are sure the women in brewing will be pulling out all the stops in the coming years to bring forth some serious competition to their male counterparts.  After all, men have pretty well ruled the industry for quite some time and we’re proud to have women stepping into their roles to gain some of the spotlight.

The quality of High Heel Brewing’s craft beer is exemplary.  Their brew, Too Hop’d To Handle, was a fine example of the amazing job brew masters are doing to meet the needs of Hopaholics everywhere.  This multi-hopped brew features a variety of hops blended together in perfect harmony with a double dose of malts to bring about that roasted flavor hint.  We found it interesting that they rotate the final hop variety based on the season, as it really does perfectly mimic Belgian practices perfectly!

Women in brewing are bringing back the Slingback

Slingback, another great brew from High Heel Brewing, is a lovely example of how great a craft beer can be.  We give huge kudos to Kristi McGuire, the founder and brew master of High Heel Brewing, who has served with Anheuser-Busch (now AB-Inbev) and Alaskan Brewing Company for several years in locations all over the United States.  When it comes to her brew, Slingback, she has shown a true dedication to brewing excellence.

If you’re not really into the floral and fruity brews, you’ll want to skip this lovely brew.  However, if you do, you’ll be missing out!  Kristi’s creation received the 2016 Gold award at The Great American Beer Festival for American-style fruit beer and we can understand why.  If you’re a seafood lover, this Perry Ale is perfect for your favorite foods!  Don’t worry, she hasn’t overloaded her ale with strawberry syrup or chocolate goo.  This pear and passion fruit ale has a heady mix of other ingredients blended into it that have turned it into the perfect seafood pairing brew.

Head for St. Louis to see how women in brewing excel

Located in St. Louis, this brew master has a history of excellence and is nothing short of ingenious herself.  With her strong and knowledgeable background in the craft brewing industry, and the brewing industry as a whole, she has what it takes to bring about some of the most amazing brews you’ll ever try.  We suggest making that road trip to the Midwest this year and checking out what High Heel Brewing has to offer.



Mar 12, 2017