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WPBWV Loves Six Point Resin with its 9.1% ABV

Our Journey

If you’re into some of the higher ABV brews out on the market, then you really need to see what Six Point Brewery is cooking up!  These folks are already known for producing some absolutely outstanding craft beer, but their brew, Resin, is off the charts!  We’re in love already and we’ve barely cracked the bottle!

Six Point Brewery has a great brew in their Resin craft beer!We love Six Point Brewery and their awesome craft beer!

We’ve tried some of Six Point’s brews in the past, so we already knew they produce high quality craft beer that really hits the right notes with us.  However, it wasn’t until we recently checked out their 9.1% ABV brew, Resin, that we really made the decision to add them to our list of “must have” brewmeisters.  Resin is a great craft beer and is made with every sticky hops we could find that included piney, citrusy, herbal, and earthy essence.  Why?  Because they love to create brews that are reminiscent of Mad Science!

If you don’t think the hops they’re extracting resins from is sticky, check out their video on the Resin page we linked!  That’s one sticky hand!  The result is an outstanding hoppy brew that exudes a delicious aroma and has just enough bitterness to make us smile.  The fact that these guys actually take the time to make videos for their brews is just a bonus, as it shows their dedication to their craft.

What else is great about Six Point Brewery?

You can read the history of Six Point Brewery in their About section, including the creation of their nano kegs and their crew as a whole.  We were particularly interested in their information regarding their belief that “Beer is Culture”.  This view is quite accurate, as great craft beer is certainly connected to community and history as a whole.  Where you find great craft beer, you often find highly dedicated and amazing people behind that craft beer.

This is true of the crew at Six Point Brewery, as they are all heavily dedicated to their craft, their community, and each other.  We were impressed with the knowledge their staff possesses, as we’ve come across great breweries with super knowledgeable staff, as well as a few whose staff simply didn’t seem to hold the craft close them like we do.

Six Point Brewery and Beer For Beasts

Ok, that might sound like some odd torture for your house pets, but that is not actually the case.  Beer For Beasts is a great example of how Six Point Brewery is using their skills to promote the adoption of shelter pets!  Yes, they are involved in some amazing charities and this is one of them.  The program features a great festival every year where the proceeds go to help animals in shelters.  These proceeds are important, as many shelters rely solely on donations to remain in operation.

Overall, these folks really show some serious promise.  Their future is definitely bright, as they are heavily involved in every part of the craft brewing industry that counts.  That includes staff, community, charity, and more.  We hope you get a chance to visit them during your travels, as we’re sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we have!



Mar 19, 2017