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You need a vacation in Florida

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Winter in the majority of the United States has shown itself to be in, what appears to be, a bi-polar state akin to a mid-life crisis.  That said, Florida seems to be the one state that is holding strong and yes, that means the rest of the country dislikes you right now Florida.  If you’re one of those living in the frozen areas of the country, you need a vacation in Florida!

You need a vacation in FloridaLiving in a bi-polar weather state means you need a vacation!

Winter across the country has been getting more strange every year.  While some states are getting three feet of snow, their neighbors are being rained upon and experiencing floods.  This unbalanced weather behavior is simply unacceptable and many of us just want to get away from it for a while.  The best solution is a vacation in Florida, where they’ve apparently chained down the weather and kept it in a holding pattern over the state.

Therefore, it’s time to pack up and ride, drive, or fly to this lucky state before they join us in winter madness.  Don’t worry about what you’ll do when you get there because we’re going to outline some great places to visit and things to see while you enjoy their magically induced weather and forget about home for a while.

You need a vacation somewhere warmerSkip the snow, you need a vacation!

A vacation in Florida sounds great right?  Unless of course you really do love the snow, cold, rain, ice storms and all the rest of the arctic things that come with winter.  If you don’t love all of those things, then head down to Florida and start enjoying the sights and events that this gorgeous state has to offer.  From the beautiful beaches to the outstanding attractions that you have to enjoy, there is no end to the fun you could have on a vacation in Florida.  From coast to coast, top to bottom of the state you will find a variety of places to stop and have some fun.  Below we’ve listed a few great stops for you, but there are dozens more to be found as well!

Craft breweries are a great stop when you need a vacation

Naturally, we have to bring up the fact that Florida features some of the best old and new craft breweries in the United States.  From Veterans United Craft Brewery in Jacksonville to Florida Keys Brewing Company in Islamorada, there are plenty of tasty brews to try up and down the coasts of Florida during your vacation.  Each brewery has its own style and charm and we recommend bringing a growler or ten so you can take your favorite brews with you on your journey.

Swamp Head Brewery in Gainesville offers some outstanding brews that will definitely make your mouth water and Persimmon Hollow Brewing Company offers some great reds for you to try.  Working your way through Florida promises to be a great chance to taste some new brews for sure.

Attractions and sights to see when you need a vacation

Naturally, there is Walt Disney World to visit during your vacation.  However, there are a wealth of other opportunities besides Mickey Mouse and his gang of animated hoodlums too!  For example, the Kennedy Space Center!  This amazing location gives you the chance to learn a lot about space exploration, rockets, and a variety of NASA applications that are in use today.

Another great stop is Everglades National Park and the head office is located in Homestead, Florida.  Check out the lovely camping options they offer and take some time to relax and enjoy your vacation.  This beautiful park is home to several endangered species, including the Florida Panther whose numbers have fallen so low in the past few decades.

If reptiles are part of your passion, make sure to visit Gatorland, because the value for your dollar at this attraction is outstanding.  Although we have not personally take a run down the Screamin’ Gator Zip Line, we hear it’s an amazing experience that fits well with the park’s exhibits and shows.

A trip to see Castillo de San Marcos is great when you need a vacationFinally, check out Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine.  This historic monument hails from a time when wars were fought without the aid of automatic weaponry or aircraft.  This time existed during the Colonial era and this beautiful example of stone craftsmanship has held strong over several hundred years.  The site reminds us of the struggles of those who came before us, as well as the strength that has been bred into our people from a much more hardy time.

Before you head back home to the winter weather we’re all trying to figure out, make sure to stop in at Accomplice Brewery and Cider Works in West Palm Beach and check out some of their outstanding ciders and craft beer.  We have plenty to see and do in West Palm Beach as well, including some great restaurants to fill you up before you leave!







Jan 20, 2017