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Your craft beer: Get the news out

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Does your craft brewery have a new craft beer coming out?  Getting the news out about your craft beer is important.  However, many people see this as an expensive and arduous task that they’d rather just skip.  This can be a big mistake, especially if you are only relying on word-of-mouth in a small community.  Why not put in a small amount of effort and bring in more people from other areas too?  After all, you want to let people know what you are offering and we want your beer!

Creating a website for your craft beer is easyWebsites for your craft beer are simple enough to make

You may think that creating a website is a difficult job and simply too much for you to undertake.  This is not true!  There are a variety of free website hosts that actually make creating a site quite easy.  If you’re not into the idea of creating a complicated shopping site, simply grab a free website at WordPress or Weebly and take advantage of their easy-to-use builders to create a space for your brewery news.  While you may believe this is unnecessary, you’d be surprised at how effective such a simple act can be.  After all, if people have somewhere to go to see what you’re offering, they can decide quickly if they want to take a road trip, and we bet they do!

Every week we feature random breweries around the world and we always link to their websites.  We do this because we want all craft beer enthusiasts to know about the great craft beer they offer.  If your brewery doesn’t have a website, how can we let them know about it effectively?

Let the local paper know about your craft beer!Let the local papers know about any changes to your craft beer

Local papers love to do local business stories.  If you’ve made a major change to production, materials, or simply want to let people know that you’ve opened your doors, tell them!  While bigger, mainstream papers may not be interested, your local paper certainly should be, as a local business means jobs and revenue for the community.  They’ll have plenty of angles to work from and you’ll get some much-needed print out of it.  If you source your ingredients from local farms, then you have a double bonus, because the paper can feature your community support and awareness as well!

Also, while you may think that a simple, cheap advertisement in the local paper is pointless, this is not true.  Are you offering a deal at your brewery on growler refills?  Let people know!  New taproom offerings?  Tell people!  The small cost for advertising could add up to some big profits overall.  If it doesn’t turn into a useful tool, you can always stop advertising in the local paper, but you really should be using every outlet available to you.

Be proactive and ask about blog features for your craft beer!

As we’ve stated before, we feature craft breweries all over the world in our blog.  We love our competitors because we love our craft and we want to let enthusiasts know about the many breweries available.  If we don’t know your brewery is out there, how can we direct people to visit it?  Make sure you are letting blogs know about your brewery and what you offer.  While this tool may seem to be a small outlet, every outlet is important when it comes to letting people know about your craft beer.

By utilizing even the simplest outlets to generate interest in your craft beer, you can create a lot of news!  It’s great to have people come in and say “Hey, I heard about you guys through this blog I visit and decided to stop by” or “Hey, I read about you in the paper!”.  It really shows you that great things can happen when you put in a little bit of time and effort.  The ideas we’ve suggested here require very little effort overall and can provide you with some amazing sales if you just take that first step and try.




Jan 21, 2017